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ItemAd Placed OnStateAsking Price
1] DUI DRYSUITApr 21CA$999.00
3] Scuba Dry Suit Gear gloves, booties, zip rings, harnessNov 03CA$100.00
4] DUI m/l $1000Nov 06CA$1300.00
5] Seatec Dry Suit Undergarment like newDec 01CA$190.00
6] Henderson WetsuitJul 24CA$120.00
7] 3XL Custom made Dry Suit and undergarmentAug 28CA$1500.00
8] XL 5/4 mil length wetsuit and bootiesScuba For Sale PicJan 09CA$400.00
9] Pinnacle DrysuitsJul 12CA$1500.00
10] Bare Next Gen Pro Drysuit & AccessoriesScuba For Sale PicJan 13CA$700.00
11] DUI CF200 TECH DRYSUITScuba For Sale PicJan 22CA$650.00
12] Mustang DrysuitApr 14CA$600.00
13] Henderson Titanium HyperStrech Full Suit with hoodJul 20CA$125.00
14] Henderson Titanium HyperStrech Full Suit with hoodJul 20CA$125.00
15] New Henderson Wet Jul 20CA$100.00
16] Dry SuitSep 07CA$500.00
17] Womens 7 ml Harvey Westuit farmer john, size 10Aug 19CA$100.00
18] Wet SuitAug 18CA$175.00
19] parkway titanium one pieceOct 19CA$225.00
20] NEW NEVER USED!! Mens SeaQuest wet suit 3/2 mm XLGDec 29CA$195.00
21] NEW NEVER USED!! Womens SeaQuest wet suit 3/2 mm Size 9-10Dec 30CA$195.00
22] Pinnacle wet suit 7mm female mediumFeb 02CA$80.00
23] Hendrickson titanium hyperstich 7/5 mens mediumMar 17CA$175.00
24] Wet suitsNov 01CA$75.00
25] Womens suit and accessorie for saleAug 17CA$100.00
26] AquaLung Sport 2mm Quantum Stretch Shorty wetsuit Kids XLScuba For Sale PicDec 08CA$31.00
27] Womens Full Wetsuit 3mm Size MediumScuba For Sale PicJan 30CA$35.00
28] Ladies Wetsuit - 5mm/Size MediumScuba For Sale PicJan 30CA$35.00
29] 7MM Thermaxx Jumpsuit 8 WetsuitMay 19CA$320.00
30] 7MM Thermaxx Jumpsuit Medium WetsuitMay 19CA$320.00
31] Aqua lung /Aquaflex 7mm mens full scuba wet suit size LScuba For Sale PicFeb 19CA$175.00
32] ONeill Spring 1/2 suit 3mm mens size LScuba For Sale PicFeb 19CA$30.00
33] Mens Complete Four-Piece Wet Suit Scuba For Sale PicMay 18CA$150.00
34] Massive Lot of New and Used Dive Gear For Sale! Scuba For Sale PicMay 28CA$6000.00
35] Henderson Hooded Half vest wetsuitJul 20CA$40.00
36] Light & Motion housing for Sony videocamcorder PC 110, 120Aug 19CA$2500.00
37] Sea & Sea NX100 Housing for Nikon F100Dec 17CA$650.00
38] Gates underwater housing & Sony VX2000 CamSep 27CA$5400.00
39] Sealife DC1400 Pro Video Set Product ID: SL724Dec 21CA$630.00
40] Ikelite PRO2800 Video Light - Mint, Used OnceScuba For Sale PicJun 17CA$700.00
41] Mako Light and Motion Dive Camera Housing & Sony cameraScuba For Sale PicJul 06CA$1300.00
42] Scuba Set!! $650Aug 30CA$650.00
43] complete scuba gear w/o tankSep 15CA$350.00
44] sellnoutNov 18CA$500.00
45] Two Complete Sets of Gear Ready to UseAug 28CA$4000.00
46] Scuba Package for sale---everything must go--great deal!!!Jan 09CA$350.00
47] Two Complete SCUBA packages- $1295May 21CA$1295.00
48] Aqualung ABS Octopus RegulatorOct 26CA$65.00
49] Whole ScubaGear Set for small/medium femaleNov 12CA$1500.00
50] scuba gearMay 29CA$2000.00
51] Backpack, regulator, wetsuit for sale, buy 1 or allOct 21CA$125.00
52] Full Set Scuba GearScuba For Sale PicMay 19CA$500.00
53] Dive tanksAug 18CA$300.00
54] New Luxfer TankDec 26CA$200.00
55] TanksNov 01CA$50.00
56] Two never used dive tanksScuba For Sale PicJan 09CA$400.00
57] Great Condition Sport Chalet Dive TankScuba For Sale PicMay 18CA$60.00
58] Ladies Scuba Gear - Great Condition!Sep 15CA$149.00
59] Scuba Fins split fins - $100 Mission Viejo, CANov 18CA$100.00
60] Scuba Mask - Seadive SL TrueColor - Mission Viejo, CANov 18CA$100.00
61] DEALMay 25CA$99.00
62] ScubaPro SEAWING NOVA FINS / Black Size SMALLMay 03CA$125.00
63] OTS Guardian FFMScuba For Sale PicAug 17CA$650.00
64] Fins oceanic size regular Vortex V-12Jul 24CA$90.00
65] Scuba fins-never usedJan 09CA$150.00
66] Jet fins and mask-never usedScuba For Sale PicJan 09CA$300.00
67] US Divers Snorkel Mask Fin SetMay 19CA$20.00
68] Tusa Z3 split fins size 5-7 Scuba For Sale PicFeb 19CA$100.00
69] scubapro classic BCOct 19CA$275.00
70] 2009 Knighthawk BCD w/AIR 2 size - XLNov 01CA$400.00
71] 2009 BARE XL Blackwing BCD Apr 23CA$250.00
72] Mares Womens BC Feb 02CA$280.00
73] SCUBAJul 09CA$300.00
74] Bouyancy compensatorNov 01CA$125.00
75] Subapro Ladyhawk BCDScuba For Sale PicOct 08CA$225.00
76] Scubapro KnighthawkScuba For Sale PicApr 15CA$350.00
77] Scubapro Knighthawk bcd mens size mediumScuba For Sale PicApr 15CA$250.00
78] DACOR HUB Fully Integrated BCD NEVER USEDScuba For Sale PicJan 08CA$500.00
79] Hollis dive vest and BCDJan 09CA$500.00
80] DIVE RITE BCScuba For Sale PicJan 22CA$300.00
81] Mens SeaQuest Buoyancy Chest VestScuba For Sale PicMay 18CA$75.00
82] Womens XS Zeagle BC $100Nov 25CA$100.00
83] Never Used Womenss Aqualung Soul I3 BCD! XXSScuba For Sale PicAug 26CA$550.00
84] UWATEC Smart Computer - Great Deal!Sep 29CA$999.00
85] Scuba gear SaleMar 09CA$800.00
86] Suunto D9 Dive Computer with TransmitterJun 09CA$1000.00
87] Dive computerAug 18CA$400.00
88] scubapro Mk 20 w/ genisisOZ titanium Oct 19CA$300.00
89] UWATEC SmartCom - NEW, NEVER used yetJan 21CA$690.00
90] greg roehrApr 02CA$200.00
91] Sherwood Maximus Regulator Brand NewApr 26CA$350.00
92] Atomic SS1 SCUBA Inflator/RegulatorJul 02CA$200.00
93] Dive Rite SS Transplate with Black Med Harness & Single TankJul 02CA$250.00
94] Atomic M1 SCUBA regulator w/yoke adapterJul 02CA$500.00
95] VR3 Monochrome Nitrox & HP enabledJul 12CA$1000.00
96] Apeks Egress Octopus - new in boxNov 06CA$50.00
97] Pinnacle boots size 7/8 womensFeb 02CA$30.00
98] Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Dive Computer New In BoxApr 26CA$800.00
99] BackpackNov 01CA$50.00
100] RegulatorNov 01CA$75.00
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