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ItemAd Placed OnStateAsking Price
1] DUI TLS 350Aug 18FL$600.00
2] DUI Womens Dry SuitDec 17FL$500.00
3] DUI DRYSUITScuba For Sale PicJun 07FL$750.00
4] Blk Purple Pink Womens 11/12 Seaquest Wetsuit 5/3mm Scuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$125.00
5] Henderson Blk Womens Polartech Fleece wetsuit 2.5mm, sz8Scuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$150.00
6] Black LG Mens Seaquest 2mm 3/4 WetsuitScuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$125.00
7] Black LG Mens Seaquest 7mm WetsuitScuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$150.00
8] Blk Purple Teal Womens 11/12 Seaquest Wetsuit 5/3mm Scuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$125.00
9] MensBlk/Teal/Purple 3/4 length wetsuit size Shark Skins SzLScuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$75.00
10] New ScubaMax / Max Flex wet suitMar 13FL$75.00
11] Sea Life DC 500 Underwater Digital Camera Pro SetScuba For Sale PicJun 21FL$650.00
12] for sale dive cameraFeb 04FL$750.00
14] Used Aqualung SCUBA package - Tech Tested Sep 20FL$400.00
15] COMPLETE SCUBA SET.....BARELY USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oct 20FL$800.00
16] Grand Cayman DiveMar 13FL$650.00
17] Scuba Equipment for SaleOct 03FL$650.00
18] Cave Diving Equipment For Sale, 3 regs, 5 tanks, etcMay 21FL$500.00
19] Zeagle Dive GearNov 01FL$750.00
20] hooka dive system for twoApr 04FL$1000.00
21] Tech dive gearDec 16FL$1000.00
22] Almost Brand New Package Scuba For Sale PicMay 07FL$2400.00
23] Scuba gear package - $550 Near TallahasseeScuba For Sale PicJun 12FL$550.00
24] Slightly used diving gear Oct 08FL$1500.00
25] Scuba PackageScuba For Sale PicJan 09FL$125.00
26] Dive Gear Bundle Sep 25FL$1500.00
27] Allumium 80s Aug 15FL$150.00
29] Faber/ScubaPro Steel Tanks with ScubaPro RegScuba For Sale PicJul 19FL$800.00
30] Scuba tank for sale needs testingMay 30FL$100.00
31] H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Scuba For Sale PicNov 15FL$185.00
32] BCD Mares Journeyman XL - $150Nov 15FL$150.00
33] Ocean Isla XSAug 29FL$215.00
34] Seaquest D3 Dimension BC, sizeAScuba For Sale PicJun 22FL$150.00
35] New Seaquest DivaAug 04FL$225.00
36] dive rite recwing transpack with regNov 01FL$1200.00
37] Oceanic Flex BC for Sale $175 / 100% PerfectNov 03FL$175.00
38] SeaQuest Libra BCJul 31FL$375.00
39] DiveRite Transpac and wingFeb 09FL$450.00
40] ScubaPro Wyland Limited Edition Classic Plus BCApr 20FL$750.00
41] Mares Vector 1000 AT- BCJul 23FL$275.00
42] Womens Mares BC MediumMay 15FL$300.00
43] Barely used Zeagle Back plate and WingSep 16FL$400.00
44] AP Valves Buddy Commando DIVING VEST,Cylinder Valve 232 BarScuba For Sale PicOct 07FL$110.00
45] Mares Prime BC $270Scuba For Sale PicJan 20FL$250.00
46] Zeagle Stiletto BCDScuba For Sale PicJun 07FL$350.00
47] Zeagle Ranger BCDScuba For Sale PicJun 07FL$400.00
48] Aeris 5 Oceans BCDScuba For Sale PicJun 07FL$100.00
49] Complte scuba gear with travel bagOct 14FL$150.00
50] Scuba equipment like newMay 25FL$1467.00
52] SCUBA-PRO Dive ComputersAug 06FL$675.00
53] Uwatec Aladin Prime Air/Nitrox Computer & accessoriesMar 22FL$175.00
54] DIVE GEAR Jul 06FL$800.00
55] Canon PowerShot A620 with marine caseAug 15FL$325.00
56] TillyTec Torch Dive Light TT1 LED 1000-S2Nov 18FL$800.00
57] Galileo Sol dive cumputer Nov 25FL$1250.00
58] scubapro regulatorDec 30FL$325.00
59] Scubapro Air2Feb 09FL$100.00
60] PRICE REDUCED! Caribbean Dive Shop for SaleMay 13FL$169000.00
61] FOR SALE: NEW/Unused MK25 AF/S600 R295 OctoJul 10FL$650.00
62] Scuba Gear in Excellent ConditionMar 26FL$1300.00
63] SCUBA Compressor for NITROXJun 01FL$4900.00
64] OCEANIC DATA MASKJan 11FL$500.00
65] Sherwood Dive Computer, Regulator/Octopus, 1st & 2nd StageScuba For Sale PicJun 11FL$398.00
66] Oceanic high performance regs complete set $250Oct 20FL$250.00
67] ab biller sea hornet 52 inch speargunAug 10FL$285.00
68] AB Biller speargunScuba For Sale PicJan 17FL$150.00
69] 1992 avon RIB 18 foot rigid inflatableFeb 10FL$5900.00
70] 33 Dive Boat-SPLASH, Certified for 20 DiversMar 21FL$35000.00
71] 50" All Aluminum Crew BoatMar 21FL$75000.00
72] 6 pack Scuba boat Mar 27FL$50000.00
73] Scubapro-Uwatec Galileo TerraSep 16FL$499.00
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