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Ad #1310513344
VR3 Monochrome Nitrox & HP enabled

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Asking Price: 1000.00 Year Model: 2006
Sellers Username: Alkaline3mc
Location: Orangevale CA 95662 Condition of Item: Great
Phone: 916 276-9382 Shipping Terms: Buyer Pays
Ad Posted: Mon Jul 12, 05:29 PM Ad Expires: Runs Until Sold
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Selling a used VR3 dive computer, Nitrox enabled with HP link to connect to regulator. This is a top of the line dive computer that I have only used on maybe 30 dives. The VR3 nitrox enabled usually costs $1311.91 new and the HP link cable cost about $700 when I first purchased it. So by buying this used you are SAVING $1000. I am also including the screen shield which I used on every dive to keep the face of this computer from getting scractched as such it is in incredible shape I have already spoken with the company that makes the VR and they have confirmed that registration of the product may be transfered once I contact them. Following are the specs for the VR3 Monochromatic dive computer from the VR site. Remember the only two features enabled on this unit are the Nitrox and HP cable, any others that you would want must be arranged through VR by contacting them. courtesy VR technology limited The VR computers are the most up to date computers on the market and we aim to keep them right there on the cutting edge of technology by adding useful options and fun features all the time. They are truly dive computers for the 21st century, interactive tools which meet the needs and match the lifestyle of those of you who are used to the advantages of mobile phones and PDAs in your surface existence and want similar technology to accompany you on your underwater adventures. Convenient and user-friendly User-changeable AA battery either 1.6V alkaline or 3.6V lithium Easy-to-open battery cap with purpose-built key External Switches mean the computers are fully programmable underwater Variable light settings Right / left wrist mountable, Multi Gas Programmable You can install up to 10 pre-set gases in the VR3ís gas list; air, oxygen or any nitrox, trimix or heliox mixture. In the VR2 you can install up to 4 gases, air and nitrox mixtures only. The VR2 has a gauge mode so it can also double as a bottom timer. The great thing with the VR computers is that no matter which gases are in the gas list, if you ever start a dive and realise on the way down that you have forgotten to set a gas you can always do this underwater and then carry on with your dive, making the appropriate deco adjustments. Upgradeable VR2s and VR3s grow with you as your diving career progresses. Start off with the base Air and Nitrox model and if you eventually get into rebreather diving you do not need a new dive computer, you just upgrade your VR2 or VR3. If you have a VR3 it will even grow with you when you get into trimix diving! Unique Analyser function With the optional analyzer mode enabled and cable fitted these are the only dive computers capable of operating also as an oxygen analyzer. Place the sensor on the end of the cable into the gas stream, measure the oxygen reading and set that into your gaslist. Very easy to use and saves you buying a separate analyzer. Rebreather Interfaces With the optional rebreather mode enabled and the cable fitted the VR2 and VR3 are able to link up with both closed and semi-closed rebreathers to provide real time PO2 decompression monitoring and independent oxygen monitoring. Dive Logging Software VR2 and VR3 owners can buy our Prodive dive logging software package that will enable them to download dives from your dive computer into a PC as well as upload gas profiles. A sample ProDive CD is supplied free of charge with each computer so that you can see how the programme works. Reliable decompression algorithm. Proplanner was one of the first desk top decompression software programmes and it forms the basis for the decompression algorithm in the VR2 and VR3. It is based on the Buhlmann ZHL 16 algorithm and, in line with current thinking in decompression science, incorporates 2 minute deep stops on the ascent. These are designed to reduce the formation of microbubbles, which are thought to contribute to decompression illness. Excellent Local Service Back Up We have a wide network of knowledgeable dealers in the UK and all over the world; we have a comprehensive website where you can find the answers to most questions you might have. And if all else fails you can always contact our Technical Support people, Some questions people ask about the VR3! Can I see how I am diving while submerged? Ans. Yes, both while underwater and on the surface you will be able to see a graph of your dive. Will it calculate a variable and stepped ceiling decompression? Ans. Our unique diver icon allows the user to run a curved decompression profile or stepped one if they prefer. I want to download my dives to a PC. Ans. The VR3 employs a wireless infra red PC communication system for downloading dives and uploading information. We are shortly introducing a hard wire cable alternative. Can I set it up my VR3 without a PC? Ans. All features can be programmed on the VR3 itself. I want to plan backup tables, do I still need a laptop? Ans. The Diveplan mode allows you to calculate a set of backup tables on screen based on your current gas set-up. Will it interface to my rebreather? Ans. Cables are available to interface to a range of rebreathers so you can calculate real time decompression. Can I change the battery myself? Ans. Yes, of course. Any AA battery 1.5 to 3.6v can be used. What if I undertake more training?. Will the VR3 work at my new level of certification? Ans. The VR3 is software re-programmable. Not only can you buy and activate new levels with our unique PIN system, but as new technology and features become available your VR3 can be upgraded. Can I switch gas and also change the gas content underwater? Ans. Any of the ten gases you can set in the VR3 can be made into anything else at any time, on the surface or underwater! Will it calculate look -ahead decompression based on all my selected gases? Ans. Any time a change is made to the gas list the prediction is updated. Can it calculate for closed circuit and open circuit bailouts? Ans. Variable setpoints can be programmed and open circuit bailouts catered for. Can I change the safety factor? Ans. The safety factor can be set from 0 to 50%

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