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Ad #1939166127

Scuba Diving Trips Vacations
Asking Price: 500.00 Year Model: 2008
Sellers Username: Dianec
Location: Los Angeles CA 90048 Condition of Item: Like New
Phone: 323 8557734 Shipping Terms: Buyer Pays
Ad Posted: Thu Jan 08, 07:15 PM Ad Expires: Runs Until Sold
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Seller Dianec assumes all responsibility for the listing and deleting of this ad.
Currency is U.S.
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Dacor EVOLUTION HUB - Human Underwater Breathing System! Just as sea creatures adapt to their natural environment, Dacor is revolutionizing diving with the greatest innovation in the last decade. The H.U.B. Human Underwater Breathing System is a complete life- support system in a simple, easy-to-use vest. Imagine your regulators, instruments and BC control right at your fingertips. Imagine the convenience and simplicity of donning dive gear in one easy motion. The H.U.B.s breakthrough design is a totally self-contained diving system that sets the new standard for recreational scuba systems. The HUB Evolution includes weight integration, Viper metal regulator and Viper octopus. Console shown is optional. The Evolution HUB is an integrated diving system with the regulators incorporated into the buoyancy compensator, easy tank positioning, and pneumatic powered inflation/dump control. The front mounted regulator and fully integrated hoses of the HUB reduce the risk of diver entanglement, help safeguard the environment and provide a more streamlined profile, thus enhancing diving comfort and minimizing air consumption. The power Inflator unit is always within reach. With its ultra-practical positioning, the HUB inflator is always at hand to provide perfect buoyancy control by means of its 2 oversized inflation and deflation buttons. The HUB provides perfect buoyancy both on the surface and in the water. Its Dragonfly construction combines the advantages of back- mounted and traditional BCs, while its streamlined design affords an optimal hydrodynamic profile. In special situations such as wreck or cave dives, the console can be stowed inside the pocket and removed only when necessary.

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