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Basic Scuba Ads Location Ad Posted Asking Price
Scuba Boots 4 sale SC Feb 18 15.00
Scubapro full face mask for sale NH Jan 23 175.00
Scubapro TwinJet Scuba Diving Split FinsScuba For Sale Pic VA Jun 25 100.00
Blue Mares Fins w/quick release CT Jun 25 40.00
Great Starter Gear In Excellent Condition! WI Dec 22 247.00
XS Scuba Metal mask and case ID Jan 31 45.00
Top of the Line Fins, Boots, Mask and Snorkle SetupScuba For Sale Pic OH Mar 02 180.00
Assorted FinsScuba For Sale Pic NJ Apr 27 120.00
Force FinsScuba For Sale Pic NJ Apr 27 125.00
Mask & HoodsScuba For Sale Pic NJ Apr 27 31.50
Scubapro Twin Jet dive fins, size XL WY Jun 04 100.00
Full Face MaskScuba For Sale Pic NJ Jul 25 400.00
Ladies Scuba Gear - Great Condition! CA Sep 15 149.00
ocean reef space full face mask with coms. AL Sep 21 1050.00
Oceanic Ion with comfort strap WA Oct 03 60.00
Scuba Fins split fins - $100 Mission Viejo, CA CA Nov 18 100.00
Scuba Mask - Seadive SL TrueColor - Mission Viejo, CA CA Nov 18 100.00
Ocean Reef Nira II Full Face Mask NY Dec 26 400.00
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask NC Feb 21 450.00
Ocean Reef GSM Data Comm Unit for Nira/Neptune Full Fc Mask NC Feb 21 400.00
Barely used Scuba gear VA Apr 26 350.00
Mares ESA Mask, snorkel, & fins NC May 02 100.00
DEAL CA May 25 99.00
Scubapro Jet Fin Black Rubber FinScuba For Sale Pic AL Apr 04 80.00
Dacor Turbo III Black Rubber FinsScuba For Sale Pic AL Mar 31 50.00
Scubapro Soleil Silicone MaskScuba For Sale Pic AL Mar 31 80.00
Scubapro Silicone MaskScuba For Sale Pic AL Mar 31 70.00
FORCE FINS SC Apr 01 60.00
TUSA X-TEN Liberators Blue SC Apr 01 35.00
ScubaPro SEAWING NOVA FINS / Black Size SMALL CA May 03 125.00
OTS Guardian FFMScuba For Sale Pic CA Aug 17 650.00
Scubapro Jetfin - Size L - Used less than 10 times in 3 yrsScuba For Sale Pic MD Sep 13 35.00
Fins oceanic size regular Vortex V-12 CA Jul 24 90.00
"Neptune Space" .... Band Mask For Sale.Scuba For Sale Pic SC Sep 09 350.00
Scuba fins-never used CA Jan 09 150.00
Jet fins and mask-never usedScuba For Sale Pic CA Jan 09 300.00
Scuba Diving Mask with Purge Valve and Mask BoxScuba For Sale Pic AL Jan 30 60.00
US Divers Snorkel Mask Fin Set CA May 19 20.00
Highest Rated Apollo Pro Bio-Fins Blue Size Extra Small MD Sep 14 100.00
Oceanic Vector Open Heel Fins S/M Scuba For Sale Pic NY Oct 25 50.00
Tusa Z3 split fins size 5-7 Scuba For Sale Pic CA Feb 19 100.00
Split Fins by Sherwood TrekScuba For Sale Pic AZ Jun 23 60.00
Female Scuba Diving Gear BundleScuba For Sale Pic SD Dec 07 225.00
Tusa Z3 Medium 7-10 Blue Fins TN Dec 25 100.00
Gear used twiceScuba For Sale Pic WI Mar 16 200.00

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