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Ad #1337566093
Cave Diving Equipment For Sale, 3 regs, 5 tanks, etc

Scuba Diving Trips Vacations
Asking Price: 500.00 Year Model: 1995
Sellers Username: Hikindog
Location: Rockledge FL 32955 Condition of Item: Good
Phone: 321 720-7254 Shipping Terms: Buyer Pays
Ad Posted: Sat May 21, 08:08 PM Ad Expires: Runs Until Sold
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Seller Hikindog assumes all responsibility for the listing and deleting of this ad.
Currency is U.S.
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CAVE DIVING EQUIPMENT FOR SALE ALL THIS FOR $500 I am headed for the mountains, my loss your gain. Just the Poseidon goes for $200 on Ebay. All equipment has been out of service for ten years but has only been in fresh water, no saltwater exposure. Call me at 321-720-7254, I am in Rockledge Florida 1. Cave Diving Reel line real, 4 inches in diameter. Has brass hook and line. In good functional condition. 2. Cave Diving Reel small jump reel, 3 inch diameter. In functional condition 3. Sherwood Regulator Brut first stage and Oasis second stage. Includes inflator hose. 4. Poseidon Regulator first and second stage, with pressure gage and inflator hose 5. IDI Regulator first and second stage, with inflator hose 6. Steel 104s a pair of steel 104 cubic foot tanks, with DIN valves on each and stainless steel bands. Out of hydro, but has always had air in the tanks. 7. Steel 72 three steel 72 cubic foot tanks, one set up for oxygen, Out of hydro, but has always had air in them. All set up as stage tanks. 8. Cave Diver style back plate and harness with rings, pouch, etc. 9. Harveys Neoprene Drysuite, 7mm thick. In good condition, no holes, inflator works, integrated boots and hood, warm. Also includes angle weights, a must for good trim. Fits me at 58 and 170 lb. 10. Repair box with adaptors, rings, stainless steel D rings, etc, etc. 11. Miscellaneous: hoses, manual depth gage, filler converter for DIN, regulator adaptors, etc

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